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Houston UFO - Mass UFO Sighting Texas August 2014

houston ufo

Owing to the unclear skies, the image is not so clear, but the UFO the witness spotted was visible enough. Among the series of images that were posted online, one photo shows a circular object hovering in the skies. Among the rest, only an object can be seen against the backdrop of dark clouds. One more upload shows a glowing circle which is clear enough. With various accounts of the sighting, everyone wondered about what the unidentified object in the sky might be. Following this, the Vice President for astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Dr. Carolyn Sumners stated that they were exploring all possible explanations about what the sighting would have been. This way, they can conclude on what the sighted object actually was. Dr. Carolyn Sumners also added that if more people had sighted the circular object that day, views of the UFO from different angles could be obtained, thereby giving a clear picture and information about what the object actually was. The rough weather in Houston skies that night could be a reason why onlookers were able to view the UFO that night. All the sightings that had been captured in this span have been posted on YouTube and are gaining views from all over the world. Many UFO researchers are still wondering about what the sighting in this span might have been, but barely have any answers for the same. This is mainly owing to the lack of high clarity pictures or any other concrete data regarding the UFO. With no concrete and confirmed information about this sighting available, even UFO researchers are still left clueless about what the sighted object was, with the mystery getting only deepened.

UFOs Appear Over Suspected Military Base Over Bounemouth UK

UFO Videos - August 2014 UFO Video

This amazing ufo footage was recorded in Bounemouth England and the witness suspect there to be a secret military base 3 miles north east of Hurn airport Bounemouth UK.

UFO Ejects 'SOMETHING!' August 9 Melbourne Australia

UFO Video - August 2014 UFO Videos

Interesting video of a UFO that releases smaller object in the the sphere above the Earth. This was filmed on 9th August 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.

UFO,s Over San pablo Brasil OVNIS EN SAN PABLO BRASIL 08/08 2014

Latest UFO Videos- August 2014

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Best UFO Sightings Of February 2014, AnonymousFO

Best UFO sightings - Latest UFO Videos 2014

Published on Mar 2, 2014

Videos used listed below

Music Used - Sad Piano By Michael Ortega

Classic Footage Of Concorde Cigar UFO

Triangle UFO Recorded At Night Over Mexico

Possible Telepathic Communication With A UFO

Blue Spheres Recorded In The Sky Over Mexico

4 UFOs Flying In Tandem Over Canada

Star Shaped Fleet Of UFOs Recorded Over Colombia

Witness Testimony Of UFO Over Canada

Two UFOs Merge Together Above California

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MASS UFO SIGHTING: Morphing ANGEL ORB UFO, Los Angeles 2014

Latest UFO Videos - UFO Sightings 2014

Published on Mar 4, 2014
The video covers Robert Bingham's Public UFO Summoning Event at MacArthur Park in Downtown Los Angeles on Feb 22, 2014. The event was a celebration of Robert's 2 year Anniversary since going public with his abilities to summon ufos. A large crowd showed up to witness multiple ufo sightings. The event started with two sizable orbs interacting with each other. I then continued to film the larger orb as it hovered over the crowds. Please see 0:52 for the orb interaction and 2:29 for an analysis of the larger orb. Everyone was excited and stayed at the park until late in the afternoon to discuss the sightings of the day. Special thanks to John Graf for taking the amazing photos from the event.

After the event our good friend Jonathan Castro managed to film an amazing morphing ufo at his house! We analyzed the footage and discovered an incredible angelic form inside the lights of the ufo. See 4:10 for a breakdown of this incredible capture.


UFO Videos 2014 - Latest UFO Sightings 

Published on Mar 1, 2014
February-15-2014 U.F.O Orbs were captured on video traveling high in altitude over San Antonio,Texas.
** EQUIPMENT USED: SONY TRV138 20X990zoom/with a 950nm IR Filter...

As i was Skywatching facing west using a Sony with an IR Filter..I Notice this flash high in altitude it did not appear to be an aircraft.When zooming in two rotating Orbs traveling high in altitude came into view...You can clearly see them rotating as they traveled overhead..They were traveling at high altitude used the top of the rooftop as reference point(giving the altitude it was traveling)..A tripod was used allowing us to see how they traveled overhead...They appear to be under some sort of controlled,they traveled in constant speed,direction and elevation...On the video stills you can clearly see these U.F.O Orbs..I tried to keep them in frame as they traveled...I followed them until they were out of sight...Similar UFO Orbs were captured on video in the Past..In the month of December 2013 and the month January 2014.....In my opinion these glowing objects were clearly no aircraft,weather-balloon or satellite....